Fitting In or Standing Out?

We often read about how we can ‘ be different ‘ or how we must ‘ stand out from the crowd ‘, which can be useful information for those people that might be looking for that extra push – but what about if you just want to be, well, just you?

 For many of us our time at school was all about ‘ fitting in ‘, we wanted the latest fashion item (ahh… the ra-ra skirt… coveted yet never owned) or maybe it was the latest gizmo or following the latest band.  Whatever the era we grew up in we all pretty much wanted to fit in with our peers.  It’s certainly no different now as kids clamber to own the latest piece of technology that will make their life complete, well until the next thing comes out obviously.

 Yet, just when we seem to have got the hang of not standing out for doing, saying or being the wrong thing we grow up and everyone starts to tell us that we now need to ‘ stand out from the crowd ‘, ‘ do our own thing ‘, ‘ be different ‘. Little wonder that for many people that’s all too much.  Some people just want to get on in life with ease, enjoy what they do and be happy, they don’t necessarily want to be leaders, mavericks or entrepreneurs and let’s face it the world would be a difficult place if we were all wanting the same things.

 Now, I’m certainly not an advocate of the lemming approach to life (you remember, the little critters that jump off cliffs) far from it, but I do think that we need to be honest with ourselves about what sort of life we want to live and what sort of goals and aspirations are right for us.


The key to goal setting is making sure you set goals big enough to stretch you but for things that you really want to achieve.  I have often seen people say they want to achieve goals that quite clearly they don’t believe in but merely go through the motions, that’s like making the worst New Years resolution ever. Being honest with yourself about what you want and how you can achieve it is one of the first steps to being, well, you.

 To some people my view may seem too simple, but why complicate things? My advice for everyone, regardless of what your goals and aspirations are, is to be true to yourself, enjoy what you do, do what you do with positivity and always be mindful of the impact you have on those around you.

Who knows, you may end up standing out from the crowd but for very different reasons and this time it will be with an inner confidence we could only dream of in High School!