The Joy of Text …

How do you text? Do you use punctuation? Do u get irritated by txt spk?

Are you someone that loves the English language with all of its peculiarities and quirks or can you really not see what the fuss is all about, after all it’s just words init?

I recently exchanged some lengthy text messages with a friend and it occurred to me, not for the first time, that the way we communicate is paramount in our relationships. The fact that we can now send a text message in seconds or a 140 character message to our followers via Twitter giving our instant view on anything, still amazes me and scares me just a little.

Our emotions, our thoughts and our reactions suddenly have the possibility of being ‘out there’ before they are fully formed. How many times do we see/hear friends and colleagues wearing their heart on their Facebook page? For some people this has become one of their primary forms of communication, for others it’s just a way to vent and air their views on any subject they chose.

When working with clients I can often get a good idea of the way they are feeling by the language they use when talking about themselves. Our negative language has a huge impact on those we communicate with, especially ourselves – see my previous article for more details on this destructive habit. The language we use on social media can be just as damaging. Being positive when sharing views and opinions or commenting on the latest reality show is the first step towards a healthier more positive outlook surely? The latest ‘Get Me Out of Here’ series will no doubt test the resolve of many serial tweeters and social commentators but just remember your comments are all a reflection of you!

So, with so much immediate, technology based communication available to the vast majority of us 24 hours a day, how do we stop our negative emotions and not so helpful comments/views spilling onto the keyboard? My advice to anyone that finds themselves turning to their phone or keyboard when feeling negative or in a ‘delicate’ or emotional moment is simply DON’T! It really isn’t worth it, far better to give yourself time to think of a suitable post or text or even better just move away from the device. Go do something so far removed from the technology based nonsense that might be drawing you in.

Do something creative or go for a walk/run – something that will get the endorphins moving around your body, something that will invigorate your mind and body. Let’s face it, if nothing else it will give you time to come up with a much wittier response, after all that is the Joy of Text…