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Kelly - Chesterfield

"I would highly recommend Lisa and her workshops. I have worked and continue to work with Lisa, she has helped me both personally and professionally, come from not believing in myself to becoming my own cheerleader, from having self-doubt to having no doubt in myself.

When I first met Lisa I was a lost  single mother of 3 girls trying to hold down a job and run a house a car and trying to have a life, I was just juggling life had no control, organisation or confidence and no way of getting my life in some sort or order, but Lisa helped guide me in the right direction, take control of my life, and helped me get off the hamster wheel of life.


without Lisa I don't know where I would be".

Trevor Hassall

Professor of Accounting Education (Sheffield Hallam University)

I am pleased to be able to commend Lisa Walker for her work at Sheffield Hallam University. In recent years employability has become a major issue for the accounting students at Sheffield Hallam University. It is for this reason that the decision was made to seek external assistance with this problem.
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