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Lisa Walker

I am pleased to be able to commend Lisa Walker for her work at Sheffield Hallam University. In recent years employability has become a major issue for the accounting students at Sheffield Hallam University. It is for this reason that the decision was made to seek external assistance with this problem.

Lisa’s background in human resource management and her specific expertise in the accounting and finance domain have proved ideal. Not only has she delivered the necessary coaching and development for the students, she has worked with the academic staff team in order to integrate this into an existing module making it more relevant for the students concerned.

It is important for students to see the relevance of any additional content and for the person delivering this content to have the requisite skills and the relevant credibility. Lisa has undoubtedly shown these in her work at Sheffield Hallam University. This can be clearly evidenced from student feedback. The students specifically mentioned the usefulness of the CV preparation work and the interview preparation work delivered by Lisa. They recognised the expertise in the delivery and were clear about the extent that this has placed them in a much more confident and prepared position when applying for employment.

From the staff perspective Lisa was an intellectually stimulating colleague who uses her expertise and engaging personality to develop the academic staff as well as the students.

Trevor Hassall

Professor of Accounting Education


Sheffield Business School 

Sheffield Hallam University

Howard Street

Sheffield S1 1WB