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Registered Office: 7 Lambert Fold, Dodworth,

Barnsley S75 3SX  Co Reg no. 8112617

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About Us

With the right amount of determination, encouragement and passion we can all succeed in our chosen field.  We firmly believe in order to achieve that success we need the right guidance and environment.  Employers and employees alike need to be developed in order to remain confident in what they do, retain their talent, be ahead of the competition and to work towards the same goals.

These values are what White Apple Thinking is all about.  Our role is to provide companies and individuals with the knowledge and encouragement they need, that, when combined with their determination and passion will give them a great opportunity to head towards their success.

Lisa Walker 07525 843015 

I am a fully qualified Master Practitioner of Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, accredited by the American Board of NLP. I am also an Associate member of the CIPD.  

Primarily working in Human Resource Management in the last 22 years I have worked in a variety of different industries including manufacturing, computer games development, recruitment, petroleum and even horse shoe manufacturing.

I understand the commerciality of business and know how important it is to get the back office stuff right in order to reap the obvious rewards.  My work experiences have introduced me to an array of personalities ranging from mind blowing motivators to mood hoovering co-workers, it all adds up to a fantastic real life perspective that drives, influences and informs our business and gives clients the confidence they need when working with us.

Andrew Rowley 07525 842759

With more than 25 years business experience, across various industry sectors and much of it at senior level, I understand the needs of our clients, their people issues and what affects them on a daily basis.

Having started my career in financial services and working my way through the ranks, my specific skills include sales performance, staff development and business planning.  Most recently I have worked in executive recruitment which has enabled me to continue to build strong lasting relationships at management and board level.

I value the relationships I have with clients and believe that this is key to working successfully.  This belief together with a practical approach to business enables me to understand the needs of organisations and work with them to an effective outcome.